Drain Solutions, Cork

CCTV Drain Camera Survey – with video/DVD footage supplied. Also available with full Wincan reports.

Pipe Cleaning – High pressure drain cleaning.

Drain Tracing – Mapping service using a combination of; Sonode & Scanner; Drain Dye; CCTV.

No Dig Pipe Repair – Internal pipe repair carried out with the aid of CCTV. A patch repair system giving a low cost solution. We can repair 4" (100mm) to 28" (800mm) diameter pipes with before and after video footage if required. This is the preferred choice for underneath buildings, roads, parks etc.

Man Access Pipe Repair – For pipes over 800mm, a seal is applied internally with a stainless steel clamp and rubber seal.

Excavation Pipe Repair – When no other option is available we use the traditional method of Repair Couplers. The dig area is minimised and services located by use of above equipment. Before and after video footage if required.

Manhole Construction & Repair – Powerwash cleaning of live chambers. Leak Sealing using a resin injection system. Formation of Benching in new and existing manholes. Fibreglass Matting used with resin to form a water tight chamber.

Pipelaying – All types of pipes laid including; Sewer; Storm; Watermain; Ducting; etc. Also Aco drainage channels; Gullies; Grease traps laid. We also offer a full pipe testing service.

Saddle Connection to Sewer and Storm Pipes – Connection to mainline sewer/storm drains from private and commercial properties.

Powerwashing – Houses; Driveways; Machinery; Patios; Car Parking areas; etc. We specialise in cleaning in confined spaces such as manholes and pump stations.


Drain Solutions, Roosnagoose, Skibbereen, Co Cork. Telephone 028 22299 or 086 852 4067. E-mail: info@drainsolutions.ie